Mission Statements

Let us develop the living standard of the disadvantaged in the villages

Let us educate the community and raise their productivity and income

Let us improve their health, hygiene, sanitation, environment and culture

Let us toil in unison regardless of caste, creed or colour

Together we vow to develop the villages.

For A Worthy Cause

Tamil Nadu Village Trust (TNVT) was founded by Dr.R.Viswanathan and his wife Mrs.Joan Viswanathan during February 1990 to provide relief and support for the disadvantaged village communities in India.

Dr.Viswanathan was born in Kancheepuram, studied medicine (MBBS) in Chennai, attained post-doctoral FRCP qualification in England, took early retirement from his role as Consultant Psychiatrist in the National Health Service (NHS), England, UK, after serving over 25 years and returned to India with his wife Joan, who was a qualified nurse, to contribute to the worthy cause of developing disadvantaged village community.

A small remote village Irumaram (90 km from Chennai and 20 km from Kancheepuram Town) in Uthiramerur Taluk of Kancheepuram District in Tamil Nadu State, was identified and commenced activities on 09 February 1990 by providing medical treatment for the people in the village.

This was followed by various health education programmes, erection of bore well pump for drinking water supply, building toilets, nutritional supplement for pregnant women, post-natal care for new-born babies and child development activities.

Activities and Events

First child examined in Irumaram village on 09 Feb 1990

Over 10,000 villagers of all age group from Irumaram, Adavapakam and the surrounding 25 villages benefitted in one form or other through wide range of TNVT's charitable activities such as,

  • Curative medical clinics
  • Mobile health clinics
  • Preventive health clinics
  • Health education programmes
  • Dental health screening and treatment for school children
  • Nutritional improvement for pregnant mothers
  • Post-natal care for new-born babies
  • Early Childhood Education (ECE) for pre-school children
  • Sports and cultural improvement activities, and
  • Skill development programmes for alternative income generation etc.

  • Community Service Centres

    Community Service Centre inaugurated during 1992

    Community Service Centre(CSC) was established during 1992 in Irumaram village. 18 pupils and 11 teaching and non-teaching team from Denbigh High School in North Wales raised part of the fund in the UK and participated in the construction of the centre at Irumaram during their stay of 10 days in Kancheepuram.

    During 1995 another Community Service Centre (CSC) was established in the neighbouring village of Adavapakkam, to carry out similar developmental activities including Self Help Group (SHG) to empower women to engage in micro economic activities.

    Child Development Centre

    Child Development Centre built during 2000

    Early Child Development Programmes for children at pre-school age were started on a purpose built centre in Irumaram village from 2000. Inner Wheel Club District 18 in North Wales, UK, funded the project to build the Child Development Centre (CDC) and Community Fund (previously known as National Lottery Charities Board Funding) provided operational cost for next five years.

    Each year on an average 20-25 children in the age group between 2.5 and 5 years old benefitted from this comprehensive nutritional and cognitive developmental programme, prior to joining main stream schooling in the nearby villages. This day care for children facilitated mothers to go to work to raise additional income for the family.