Hand borewell pump erected for drinking water in Irumaram


Health and Socio-economic Activities

Medical Clinic at Irumaram Community Centre

In addition to curative medical clinics and health education, various welfare programmes such as bringing drinking water, electricity supplies to the village, obtaining the title deeds to the villager’s huts, adult literacy classes, arranging training in small trades and crafts such as tailoring, making footwear, soap powder, incense sticks and greeting cards, sports, youth development and computer literacy etc were conducted.

Vitamin and deworming tablets have been regularly distributed to the villagers, goats distributed through local women association and regular veterinary inspections were organised. Educational excursions have been made, specialists in various subjects had been brought to Irumaram and Adavapakkam and provided participatory workshops Drug and Alcoholics Anonymous(AA), prevention of AIDS, leprosy care, law and agriculture for villagers on regular basis.

Early Childhood Care and Education

Child hygiene demonstration

Since the beginning of welfare activities in Irumaram at the beginning of 1990, Tamil Nadu Village Trust felt the necessity for the child care and development activities to demonstrate cleanliness, hygiene, providing nutritional food, ensuring all children are vaccinated, helping children's cognitive development through appropriate early childhood educational programmes by qualified staff, which was supported by the visit of experienced volunteer trainers from the UK.