Child receiving a present from a donor


Appeal for Computer Donation to Support Online Education for Children!

Villagers need computer to continue their online education

Obviously COVID pandemic impacted everyone's normal life all over the world. This has driven everyone to adopt to new ways of living, including schools and colleges are shifting to online delivery of day-to-day lessons. Children and youths from Irumaram are at a major disadvantage posed due to lack of computer and internet facility.

TNVT is keen to hear from any generous individual or organisation to support this cause to provide computer and internet facility. It does not have to be a full donation for a computer, you may make any small amount of donation that will add up from other donors to buy computer. You are also most welcome to donate used computers that are in good working condition.

We don't want the village children and youths are left behind in education, which not only affects their educational level, but also affect their career entry opportunities as most of the graduates needing to apply for jobs online.

Socio-cultural and Skill Development Activities

Online Skill Development for Employability

With the establishment of computers and internet access at the Community Service Centre, TNVT is intending to implement the following socio-cultural and skill developmental activities that have been identified to lay the foundation to improve the social mobility for the young village communities.

  • Virtual education support programme for children in the mainstream schooling
  • Computer literacy and teaching English
  • Prepare students for national competitive entrance examinations for higher studies
  • Career Guidance programmes for school and college leavers
  • Pre-school children support programme
  • Health education programme for mothers
  • Adolescent girls health care programme
  • Arts, crafts, sports and cultural development programme
  • Leadership and management skill development programme
  • Support to reach National Vocational Qualification(NVQ) standards for working youths

  • Your small donation goes long way to help change the lives of disadvantaged community!

    We have gone through various ups and downs over the past 30 years, but our determination and commitment to develop the poor village community have not diminished. We are continuing to improve the lives of the disadvantaged villagers through new exciting projects identified based on current demand, for which we seek your support in cash, kind or by volunteering to join in our efforts.

    No matter how small your contribution in cash or kind, that will collectively make a huge difference to the families of the disadvantaged community. For example, a donation as little as Rs100 or £2 or US$2 a month can fetch a worthy annual festival gift to make a child and his/her parents happy.

    Corporate donations are welcome too. Please help us to help others.