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"The soul of India lives in its villages. Village development of permanent nature is impossible without proper education for villagers." - Mahatma Ghandhi.

Education, Skill and Employability Improvement Day

Career Guidance Worshop

Welcome to Education, Skill and Employability Improvement Day!

Late Mr.Kandaswamy was a social service minded person with keen interest to improve educational level among the children of all ages. Prior to his demise this year, in addition to being a Secretary of TNVT, he also held the senior management role as a President in the Board of Trustees of a school for many years.

In memory of his passion to educate the village children, TNVT is celebrating his birthday as Village Educational and Skill Improvement Day.

Career Guidance Workshop successfully conducted by Mr.Natarajan, Retired Joint Director of Employment and Training, Chennai, over Zoom videoconferencing organised by Mr.Vairam, Secretary, TNVT, on 13th December 2020, between 03:00 and 05:30 pm IST. Over 60 participants benefitted from this event. enrolled for coaching sessions to be provided subsequently.

Participants from Irumaram attended the event at Community Service Centre, Irumaram Village PIN 631603, Neyyadupakkam Road, Uthiramerur Taluk, Kanchipuram District.

Whereas participants from Adavapakkam and members of Child Haven International of Kaliyampoondi joined over Zoom from different location.

Village Community Development Day

TNVT founder's day

Thanks to all participants!

Village Community Development Day was successfully celebrated in Irumaram. Founder Dr.Viswanathan delivered messages to the villages from the UK through Zoom videoconferencing.

Mr.Ezhilan from the organisation Tamizhagam based in Kanchipuram and Mr.Sakthi from The Healer Foundation, Chennai, addressed the participants. Cultural events took place after Mr.Ezhilan addressed the importance of organic farming to the farmers.

Prizes distributed to all winners of various sports and athletics competition held for children and youths prior to the event. Mr.Vairam, Secretary of TNVT thanked the volunteers who worked jointly with him and made this event a successful. everyone for their time and participation.

Virtual Counselling Projects

Children learning to draw and colour at Child Development Centre in Irumaram

Due to COVID-19 social distancing and travel restriction in place, TNVT activities are carefully planned and implemented, provided it is safe to do so and observing government guidance through out. In the meantime, we are keeping our options open, so you may sign up for below programmes in the pipeline, or you may discuss any new programmes that have been your core specialisation. Whatever your thoughts and ideas please share with us by filling the Contact Form to initiate further discussion.

Virtual Education Project for children at schools. If you think your expertise and knowledge is useful to share to improve the children’s knowledge in any of the subjects, we would be glad to hear from you, please register your interest.

Even though the topics are endless, just to mention a few areas, for example, Teaching English, Maths and Science etc for school children; prepare students for national competitive entrance examinations; health education programmes for mothers etc.

Career guidance and counselling for those who finished schools, or in their final years of schooling, and looking for career options.

Socio-skill Development Programmes

Health instructor from Llandrillo College from North Wales joined adolescent girl education team

  • Adolescent girls health care programme
  • Health education programmes for mothers with babies
  • Leadership development programme
  • National Vocational Qualification(NVQ) standardised qualifications for youths

  • Join us to make a difference to the village community!

    There has never been a dull moment when you are committed to make a difference to the society. We believe your passion, skill, experience and knowledge are the resources we need to make it happen. To join us in our endeavour please do not hesitate to contact by email, telephone, WhatsApp or filling out the Contact Form by clicking the button below.